Ziyara Improves Spiritual Competence in Indonesia

Mukisi.com – Workshop and Training on Hospital Spiritual Care Service was successfully held on Tuesday (11/12) and Thursday (12/13). Two speakers and practitioners from abroad were presented at the event. They are Kamal Abu-Shamsieh and Taqwa Surapati. This workshop discusses in depth the matter of spiritual guidance carried out in the hospital.

The workshop was organized by the Indonesian Islamic Health Effort Assembly (Mukisi). And Mukisi, in collaboration with RSI Sultan Agung Semarang, RSI Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Sari Asih Ar-Rahmah Hospital, and IMANI Consulting .

Located in two Islamic hospitals, namely Syarif Hidayatullah UIN Hospital and Sari Asih Ar-Rahmah Hospital. The workshop also invited foreign speakers and participated in various types of hospitals, both private and regional.

“The workshop yesterday also came from parties from the RSCM, where the hospital became the national reference for all hospitals in Indonesia,” said Yuli Setiawan, as the committee of the event.

The background of this workshop is to improve the competence of all hospital elements in spiritual guidance for patients and families. Because, so far there have been no guidelines or standards for such spiritual guidance.

“In the Patient and Family Rights at the Hospital it is only explained that patients and their families have the right to receive spiritual guidance from the hospital, without any clear standards or guidelines,” he stressed.

Therefore, the existence of this workshop hopes to open the paradigm of spiritual counselors in hospitals. In order for patients and their families to receive comprehensive and comprehensive spiritual guidance. Comprehensive and comprehensive spiritual guidance covering spiritual, psychological, and social.

Then, the event was filled by two speakers as well as practitioners from abroad. They are Kamal Abu-Shamsieh and Taqwa Surapati. Inviting them as speakers is not without reason. The speakers have different methodologies from Indonesia.

“In America, these practitioners conduct spiritual guidance to patients and their families in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner,” Yuli explained.

Because of this they were invited to discuss the methodology. The workshop consisted of three main materials, namely material for fundamental, technical, and direct practice. The existence of this practice is also the reason why hospitals are chosen to be the place for this workshop to take place.

After theoretical and technical, then they do role play for the material that has been taught. “We invite representatives of a number of three patients in the auditorium to do role play, ” he added.

Then, they were divided into teams to visit directly to patients. The team does not only consist of spiritual guides. He said in one team not only consisted of spiritual guides.

“There are doctors and nurses in one team, they practice and visit patients directly,” said the man who was also the committee at the workshop.

The workshop was held with the hope that the hospital and its spiritual counselors would improve. “We hope that hospitals in Indonesia will have competent HR supervisors,” he concluded. Competent by guiding spiritual patients and families in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner. (ipw)

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