Burial & Funerals

Ziyara Muslim Spiritual Care trains chaplains and volunteers to prepare deceased Muslims for burials. Any Muslim can apply to be trained on how to offer Ghusl (washing of the dead) takfeen (shrouding the body for burial), and  Janaza (funeral) prayer.

In hospitals, we offer end-of-life care for Muslim patients and support the family prior to death and afterwards.

Here is a list of some of the decedent care services offered:

  • Recitation of the Quran: A chaplain will recite Quran to comfort patients and their family members during Ihtidar (dying process of patient).
  • Orienting Towards Qibla: We communicate with nurses and facilitate turning patients towards the Qibla (director of the prayer) whenever possible.
  • Talqin: We coach talqin (pronouncing) the Shahada (two testimonies) of faith that affirm the Lordship of God and the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad.

Upon death, the chaplain will close the eyes and mouth of the deceased patient, and cover the face. The cultural and religious needs of each family will be respected and accommodated, whenever possible. For example, a request to have same-gender provider, turn off all alarm signals or monitors at the time of death, or have all unnecessary staff leave the room at the time of death.

After death, we will assist family members coordinate funeral and burial services in coordination with the Islamic Centers.  Our funeral services protect the dignity of the deceased and alleviate the pain of the family.