Bereavement Support

When death strikes, family members, friends, and the community come together to support each other.  In the weeks and months after the death of a loved-one, some may experience isolation and friends struggle with how to help or comfort the grieving family.

The goals of our grief support include:
  • Helping families accept the loss by creating an environment that encourages talking about the loss.
  • Helping bereaved members identify and express feelings related to the loss (for example, anger, guilt, anxiety, helplessness, and sadness).
  • Helping the bereaved to live without the person who died and to make decisions alone.
  • Helping the bereaved to separate emotionally from the person who died and to begin new relationships.
  • Providing support and time to focus on grieving at important times such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Describing normal grieving and the differences in grieving among individuals.
  • Providing continuous support.
  • Helping the bereaved to understand his or her methods of coping.
  • Identifying coping problems
  • Making recommendations for professional grief therapy.

If you have experienced the loss of a family member or a friend, we encourage you to benefit from our services.  If you know friends or relatives who have lost a loved one, share the message with them.

The grief support group is an opportunity to share your loss, get grief support, and listen to other grieving families. You can drop in, and attend as long as they feel support is needed.  The professional service is facilitated by a female chaplain who is also a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Ziyara Muslim Spiritual Care offers professional grief support free of charge. Donations and sponsorship from community members will be always welcomed.

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