Barriers to Spiritual Care

Are Muslim patients receiving spiritual care services today? 

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority aren’t!

Currently, there are numerous barriers to providing spiritual care services to Muslim patients.   Communication barriers exist among patients, family members, hospital staff, and local Muslim leaders. Also, Muslims are unaware of the availability of Muslim chaplaincy services, lack the knowledge of how to access services, or consider such services irrelevant to their hospital stay.

In addition, some Muslims are fearful of being identified as “Muslim”, of being misunderstood, or question the cultural competency of hospital staff. Furthermore, some patients aren’t being asked about their “religious preference” upon admission and aren’t asked about their religious or spiritual needs while hospitalized. Ziyara Muslim Spiritual Care is committed to bridging the barriers and making Islamic spiritual care services available to all Muslim patients at local hospitals, hospices or at home. In addition, we will work with hospital staff to increase cultural and religious needs of the diverse Muslim community.