International Programs

Ziyara Muslim Spiritual Care is a leader in international Muslim chaplaincy and is dedicated to training healthcare Muslim chaplains, leaders, and spiritual care workers. Our international efforts are conducted in partnership with the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA).

Since 2013, we have conducted training seminars in various Muslim countries among them are Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Jordan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates, and in South Africa and across the United States.

Our training is two-fold: theory and practice.The seminars include teaching the basics of Islamic chaplaincy that is deeply rooted in Islamic tradition. Our presentations are interactive through Q & A and role plays. Here is a list of presentations that have been offered:

  • The concept of Islamic spiritual care
  • “Ziyarat Al-Marid”, visiting the sick: roots in Islamic sources
  • Tools and techniques for conducting spiritual assessments
  • End-of-Life care of Muslim patients
  • Integrating spiritual care counselors as part of the interdisciplinary treatment team
  • Tools and techniques: What to say, and not to say?
  • How to prepare yourself to visit the patient
  • Report and documentation of patient spiritual care visits
  • Spiritual care services in healthcare institutions
  • Islamic theology on providing spiritual care services to non-Muslim patients

Role Plays
Spiritual AssessmentSpiritual Care Visit of a Muslim Patients Care for Non-Muslim Patients

The Practical ComponentWe offer intensive training that ranges from 4 hours to 3 days to a limited group of people (20 maximum).  Each group is divided into a team of 4 or 5 people. The training takes place in a hospital setting where trainees are escorted into a hospital and conduct spiritual care visits to patients.

Intensive training students will learn the following:1- What to do prior to visiting a patient2- Demonstrate their skills of visiting patients3- Evaluation and feedback on their skills4- Students will get the chance to observe how a professional chaplain conducts a spiritual care visit and interacts with patients, their family, and the interdisciplinary team5- Opportunity to present a case-study based on their visit (based on the lecture on reports and documentation)6- Individual supervision session  and group discussion

International Advisers and Mentors

  • Dr Ishak Masud, Malaysia
  • Dr. Aly Misha’al, Jordan (deceased)
  • Dr. Mohammad Bushnaq, Jordan
  • Dr. Omar Kasauli, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Khalid Al-Jaber, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Hafiz-Ur-Rahman, Pakistan
  • Dr. Dadang Rukanta, Indonesia
  • Dr. Amin Sinokrot, Palestine
  • Dr. Jasser Auda, Canada
  • Dr. George Fitzgerald, USA

To schedule a training seminar and for information about fees, email Kamal Abu-Shamsieh ([email protected]).