A Donation of Prayer Rugs at Stanford Hospital

george Muslim Spiritual Care Services donated 10 prayer rugs to benefit the Islamic Chaplaincy at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Ms. Mona Ayish, a spiritual care volunteer with the Islamic Chaplaincy at Stanford Hospital, recently made a request for prayer rugs to be used during the Friday (Jum’a) prayers at the Stanford chapel.

The Islamic Chaplaincy at Stanford Hospital organizes a weekly Friday prayer that starts at 1:10 PM for patients, their families and staff at Stanford Hospital.

The gift was received by Ms. Ayish and Dr. George Fitzgerald, director of Spiritual Care Services at Stanford Hospital.  “Once again, thank you so much for making Stanford a place where Muslims feel welcomed, free to practice their faith, appreciated and included as a partner for the Common Good“, said Chaplain Kamal Abu-Shamsieh, director of Muslim Spiritual Care Services.

“Thank you Muslim Spiritual Care Services for the donation of the prayer rugs. I am grateful that Stanford Hospital Spiritual Care Services is accommodating Muslim patients, their families and staff”, said Ms. Ayish.

To become a Muslim spiritual care volunteer at Stanford Hospital, email Chaplain Abu-Shamsieh or fill out the Volunteer Form


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