Clinical Pastoral / CPE

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) dates back to 1925 and is a form of theological education that takes place in academic and clinical settings. Muslim Spiritual Care Services encourages Muslim volunteers and Imams to enroll in CPE training for its tremendous benefits.

A unit of CPE requires 400 hours; 300 hours of direct patient care and 100 hours of CPE theory.

CPE programs vary by each center that offers it. Stanford Hospital offers a 14-week summer intensive program or a year long residency programs. In addition, Muslim Spiritual Care Services is a partner organization with CPE of Central California and offers Muslim CPE students access to area hospitals.  CPE of Central CA is a training satellite training center affiliated with Stanford Hospital and Clinics and is ACPE accredited.

Download the CPE Application. Complete the application and mail to:

Muslim Spiritual Care Services
8839 North Cedar Ave | Suite 301 | Fresno, CA 93720

Or, send it electronically to: