Bayan College

MDiv in Islamic Chaplaincy

This 3-year 72-unit Master’s of Divinity degree program equips men and women with a firm grounding in Islamic thought and cultivates practical skills in spiritual care, cultural sensitivity, religious leadership, and chaplaincy.

The program features courses in Islamic studies, including Sirah (Prophetic biography), themes of the Qur’an, Islamic history, theology, jurisprudence, philosophy and mysticism. Additionally, students benefit from courses in ethics, leadership, and Interreligious studies. Additional courses provide training in spiritual care, religious leadership, interfaith and intercultural understanding, and chaplaincy.

Proficiency at the intermediate level of university Arabic is required for graduation. This may be achieved by passing Arabic 2A/B at Bayan or alternative qualified institution, or by passing a Bayan administered exam.

The degree is achieved upon completion of a thesis paper or culminating integrative project.